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“Montreal gets to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’

Sheila Gunn Reid: “Montreal gets to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’ to look more progressive than Trump. Then Alberta and other net contributing provinces foot the bill. Neat racket…”

A spokesperson for Quebec’s Employment Minister says approximately 4000 asylum seekers will receive their first welfare payment in September, with the…

Up to 4000 migrants to receive welfare cheques starting Aug. 30

The Quebec government expects at least $2.5 million in cheques to be handed out.

Quebec will begin handing out welfare cheques to as many as 4,000 asylum seekers next week, the province’s employment minister said Thursday.

“Quebec has responsibilities in immigration,” François Blais told a news conference.

“Now they’ll be getting welfare, they’ll be able to rent an apartment and get out of temporary accommodation, which is a good thing because it is pretty costly.”

While the minimum basic monthly payment will be $623, Blais said recipients will have to undergo a “revenue test” beforehand to determine if they are eligible for all of that amount.

There will also be an additional sum depending on the recipient’s family status.

The three-day operation will take place at Montreal’s Palais des congrès convention centre beginning Wednesday, Aug. 30.

Blais described the overall situation as “exceptional” and is not excluding asking Ottawa to help reimburse some of the welfare costs.

Nearly 10,000 people have been apprehended at the border since the start of the year as they’ve sought to enter Canada in order to claim refugee status — almost equivalent to the total number of claims filed for all of 2013.

Of those who have arrived this year, nearly 7,000 have arrived since July, the vast majority at an unofficial crossing point between Quebec and New York.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said one option being explored is accelerating the process to give those people temporary work permits so they will be less dependent on the temporary social supports in place.

Two attempts to kill me by sawing my wheelchair trailer axle

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Please know that I have much more to upload to this site about Quebec but will not be able to do so until I have a home to live in with my own internet.

Please note that I had to leave Montreal after receiving $850 in parking tickets and was threatened they would put the boot on my car and then tow and steal it.. There was no place for me to park with my wheelchair trailer.. So I am now back in Chilliwack British Columbia.

I arrived in Chilliwack on June 5th. So I will be posting my UPDATES here. Please see them here.


Montreal Installs Tsunami water level markers on Sidewalks

Published on Jun 30, 2017

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A Truth Soldier Homeless In Montreal Reports

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SPECIAL GUEST COMMENTARY Canada is being invaded

This comment below was posted on this previous post. Canada and Shariah law is happening now in Ottawas parliament


Canada is being invaded and the Invasion is being Orchestrated by the Muslim controlled United Nations and The Globalist Elite as they use their bought puppets and Traitors like Trudeau and his gang of Merry criminals within our Canadian Government.

When you understand your enemy what they do becomes very rational. It is the Traitors within your government that has to be feared not the enemy at the gate. Read on and become educated.

Islam teaches that all nations where Muslims reside in Numbers, are in one of two major categories – Dar-al-Harb (house of war) and Dar-al-Islam (Muslim rule). Any nation that is not Muslim ruled is, therefore, by definition, at war with Islam or, at best, in contradiction to the preferred order.

Muslims cannot be expected to maintain loyalty to a nation that is at war with their religion.

Many Muslims are loyal to the non-Muslim countries in which they live, of course, but that is in spite of their Islamic teachings.

Unlike other faiths, Islam is nothing short of a Totalitarian, Theocratic Political Ideology, that also has it’s own economic, military, social and legal system that’s camouflaged in religious garb.

The legal side of Islam is Sharia Law and Sharia Law is nothing more than an anti-Democratic Cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society and fails to respect the Basic universal rights of women, gay people, and the Jewish people.

Sharia Law is Religious Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law all rolled into one Code and has no separations of powers between the Religious head and the state and because of this it automatically makes some Muslim Religious figures somewhere in the Middle East, the Law Maker, Judge, Jury and in some cases the executioner.

When Muslims living in a western country allow Creeping Sharia, they become divided as their loyalty is not to their host country but to their Muslim religious leaders that live somewhere in the Middle east. Under Islamic Law, the state is intended to be inseparable from religious rule. Islamic law, or Sharia Law, is complete and not designed to coexist with or be subordinate to other legal systems and by default will be constantly pushed by Muslims living in Western countries even while they live off the avails of the infidel.

E-411 and Bill M-103 is the planting of the first seeds of Sharia Law, though these motions will be explained away as something innocent Canadians have to understand that if it was so innocent why would they require it. This innocent motion lacks a lot of information which means that it can and will be used as a foundation for future infringements on our Canadian Values and Freedom of Speech.

Canadians had better be aware because there is a sinister plot being played out behind the scenes that will truly shock all Canadians when the evil is exposed.

Muslims are not meant to be ruled by non-Muslims and the Quran states this very clear. Muslims are to resist the laws of the unbelievers and the Infidel by any means at their disposal until Islam establishes political supremacy.

This doesn’t mean that everyone must be forced to become Muslim, but rather that everyone must submit to the supremacy of Islam.

When the Radical Muslims are on the move the Moderates Muslims are irrelevant and the Radical Muslims will only make a move when the Moderates have secured roots within a Western Country.

Canadians should be in full riot mode over Bill E-411 and M-103 as the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every aspect of Canadian life including our powers of governance. When Muslim communities are in increasing numbers they have a tendency to become segregated. They become highly orthodox people in follow the sayings of the Quran, they begin to have a fanatical zeal toward the implementation of Islam and Islamic rule over their host country.

The results of this, is that what ever country has large numbers of Muslims can never have peace on its soil and the lack of peace will always be the result of Radical Muslims. Muslims promoting their Sharia in Western countries is like watching old reruns of Madina over and over again with Muslim praying for a similar outcome.

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Must Hear A Truth Soldier Speaks Out Publicly on street in Montreal

In this speech you will learn why I am under attack by government criminals and you will also discover that you and our country is also under attack.. I presently have $700 in parking tickets and will continue getting many more $53 tickets a everyday… I am not able to or permitted to park anywhere that is free.. I am told I can not sleep in my car while parked anywhere any help you can offer to my is greatly appreciated……

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SPECIAL REPORT Montreal man threatens local Arabs in YouTube video

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A man wearing a Joker mask threatened Muslims and Arabs in Montreal in a YouTube video.