Muslim Violence in Montreal Picnic Park

Muslim Violence in Montreal Picnic Park

Muslim Violence in Montreal Picnic Park Follow Up

Muslims threaten me for filming them doing music video in park

This occurred April 14 2017 in Montreal

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Muslim Migrant Washes His Anus In A Public Drinking Fountain

Published on Mar 24, 2017

Illegal Muslim Migrants in Europe are Gross. There are no other words that can be used to describe them. Here is the act and art of washing one’s ANUS in a public drinking fountain where the whole world can see.

Imagine taking a dump in public where women and children can see it. This is what happens when cultures collide. We need to keep Islam out of our countries. It’s not racist to want to be CLEAN and DISEASE FREE!

Kevin J. Johnston
Yes, He has applied to serve you coffee and crumpets at Star Bucks!


Dexter Morgan
Disgusting muslims, continue to amaze us.
Mr. Kevin I think every time you say the word Muslim it is racist
Sarah IcHope
@ Nazemo Ali, you need to realize that years and years of research done by multitudes of people have confirmed that in World War 2 the Muslim leaders of the Islamic countries worked WITH the Nazi. And everyone who has a brain knows that the Nazi are racist. What?! I guess that makes Muslims racists too! Oh and Islam is NOT a race. Islam is a politicial ideology disguised as religion. So that means the religion of Islam sided with Nazi as Islam’s allies.
Ewwwwwww! lol
Being politically correct was dead a long time ago. Our Canadian RIGHTS are being attacked, & a certain group is linked to it. – It has happened all over Europe, so screw being nice.
Yeah, jews. Jews opened the door for this trash. Only one way out, and that is through the jew.
Sarah IcHope Your information is very wrong if you give me the names of Muslim countries
Heather Wise
Mike Ryan
And he will get the job. Starbucks will hire White people only as a last resort. Check out London.
Elias Smyrneos
Kevin J. Johnston Dear Kevin keep up the good work ; May the Lord give you power and guidance and from where l’m coming from ,as Greek -Canadian, we Greeks know very well what Islam is, four hundred years we had them on our backs, plus 67 revolutions and the last one was a success in 1821-1830. One thing, I’m going to tell you, that it wasn’t fun at all!!!
Sarah IcHope
Also, Nazemo Ali, here are three of MANY references that confirm that I spoke truth in my first comment about Islam and Nazi being allies. 1 “The German government developed a cordial association and cooperated with some Arab nationalist leaders based on their common anti-colonial and anti-Zionist interests. The most notable examples of these common-cause fights were the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine and other actions led by Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, and the Anglo-Iraqi War, when the Golden Square (four generals led by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani) overthrew the pro-British ‘Abd al-Ilah regency in Iraq and installed a pro-Axis government.” 2 “The Nazis believed that Islamic forces would prove crucial wartime allies..At the height of the Second World War, in 1941-42, as Hitler’s troops marched into Muslim-populated territories in North Africa, the Balkans, Crimea and the Caucasus and approached the Middle East and Central Asia, officials in Berlin began to see Islam as politically significant.
In the following years, they made significant attempts to promote an alliance with the ‘Muslim world’ against their alleged common enemies: the British Empire, the Soviet Union, America and Jews…Office set up an Islam program, which included the employment of religious figures, most prominently the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husayni, who arrived in Berlin in late 1941…”
3 “The leader of the Muslims in pre-Israel Palestine, Grand Mufti Mohammad Amin Al-Husayni, was closely allied with, and actively assisted the Nazis throughout the Second World War. Al-Husayni met with Hitler several times, and was hosted in Berlin as the Nazis’ honored guest for most of WWII.”
Dave B
Mike Ryan . Starbucks already announced they’re setting aside thousands of job for migrants.
Rob Rohrke
Kevin J. Johnston that’s why I don’t support Starbucks!!
Imran Khan
You forgot the most important one (probably). When the Grand Mufti met Hitler in Berlin, they discussed their mutual enemy, the Jews. The Mufti suggested that the Arabs didn’t want the Jews in the Middle East any more than Hitler wanted them in Germany or in Europe. Hitler’s response (to paraphrase): “Then what shall we do with them?” The Mufti’s response: “Burn them.” The Holocaust was not completely Hitler’s idea.
Sarah IcHope
Thank you, Imran Khan, for your added knowledge. I appreciate it and welcome your knowledge.
Nazemo Ali why dont you and all your other brother locasts go jump off the edge of the FLAT EARTH you moronic imbeciles believe it to be,
Eurostar 07
Iran was a Pro Soviet country in the 20s and 30s. When Nazi’s came to power, they became Pro Nazi. The name Iran means “Land of the Aryans” which Hitler is VERY fond of. Check up my facts, you will see that i am speaking the truth.
Hitler burned the Jews because he thought the Jews is the cause of the economic crisis in Germany and tell me Mr. Imran any Arab country cooperation with Hitler There are more than twenty Arab countries
Eurostar 07
No, Hitler killed Jews because of what they did to Jesus. He used to be a Jew but he converted to Christianity. His mother was a Jew and he never hurt her. He was just a crazy guy that was brainwashed by an extremely racist painter when he was an art student. His history in military fucked his head even further, and his personal “doctor’ gave him medicine that made him psychotic too. Hitler’s brain was so fucked i am surprised he didnt kill himself sooner.
Nazemo Ali,lets start with Albania and Bosnia who supplied two FULL SS divisions of soldiers,then you have the muslims from Afica,India and the Soviet Union,the Nazis had muslims fighting in north africa at el alamein,in france at normandy,in italy at monte cassino,in russia at stalingrad,that enough for you to start with
Vince P Gall. ant
Kevin J. Johnston….Keep these fuckers (muslims) out! They don’t assimilate/integrate, they colonize! They fuck up everything they touch!!!😎
you guys are just repeating what the globalist historians wanted you to believe…and err way of subject…we are talking about a lowlife washing his ass in public and drinking with the same hand at the same time here,important subject!
the diamand ditto
this video shows how desperate you are…
Mark Grant
Kevin J. Johnston Yeah and he got the job.. and Section 8 Free Housing and food stamps card.. and bank loans for almost no interest.. on the list will go on and on and on and then they cheat and steal on their taxes also..😀
Armando Rodriguez
+the diamand ditto No, it shows how disgusting Muslims are. Not even Africans would do this.
you did know thats not Canada right?
the diamand ditto
I know a Latino who eats his own poop, are all Latinos like that?
Sheldon Thibault
Kevin J. Johnston That man butt washer and hand drinker w. the same hand is a disgusting, filthy, gross human being. We don’t need this piggy in Canada.
Jason sen criss
Good one Kevin!!! cant stop laughing!!!
Elias Smyrneos
+Sarah IcHope​ Now the muslims are coming together with another totalitarian regime…. Communism. And what brings them together, the common HATE they have for the Holy Bible and the Christians who follow the faith!
I started using the phrase: brainless, single cell organism.
A. W.
“Racist” is just a word people use when they don’t like the truth and want to shut us up!
A. W.
What race is Islam??????????
Nazemo Ali ~ lslam is NOT a race.  Anyone can be a muslim!
Justine Cringe
Kevin J. Johnston no wonder their coffee tastes like shit!
daniel koen
+theresa- Anyone without brains you mean.
Shelly Hansen
Kevin J. Johnston savages should be treated like savages …..lock them up and throw away the key
Muslim is not a race, so whatever Kevin says cant be racist. Simple.
A. W. In our country, the sin of a Christian person does not say a Christian mistake, saying his name does not say the name of his race is considered racist
check this out UK cant even use paintball guns in public to defend themselves from Muslims
John Stewart
omg! Kevin this is sick!!! wtf!!
look into Rotherham it was just one of many places like it in the UK they censor and do nothing to stop Muslims from grooming women and children. the UK police and government are cowards they wont do anything to stop it. hell police in UK protect Muslim brothels with child sex slaves. Muslims have a lot of political power because Muslim leaders make deals with government and politicians and the Muslim leaders then tell all Muslims to Vote for X
themusic200 you are wrong Why do not you tell the truth about night clubs and thousands of porn sites on the Internet that have special sites for photography and companies that support them are things that non-Muslims do
Lisette Bond
+ Nazemo Ali, Kevin is not a racist, he speak the truth…. + Sarah IcHope is right the moslems were with the nazi, come on we all know it by now, you hate jews… Even here in Canada imam spew hatred in the mosques against jews and christians… Look at one of your fellow moslem washing is ass with the same hand that he drinks with… He must be missing drinking camel urine… GIve your head a shake and have a good look at islam for once….
+ Sarah IcHope, thank you for all your infos I can see you made your research before writing …..
+ Andy Le, imagine they say it was a sexual emergency, they don’t see anything wrong with it… It’s the girls fault they were swimming in bathing suit so they were asking for it…. They are showing every day that they can’t be mixed with civilized people….
+ BAD BIKER BENNY, Yes that tells us how they are but the name they hate the most is moslem because it means “one evil and unjust”…. It was change to muslim in 1992 when they realized that people were understanding more than the thought ….. it could be single cell organism moslem or scom lol…. Thank you for the laugh
+ themusic200 I like your way of thinking….
yep Muslims are scum
Lisette Bond
+ Nazemo Ali well stay in your country everyone will understand you and we will be very happy not having you here
Lisette Bond
+ themusic200, scom = single cell organism moslem
jessica evans
Heather Wise. Actually it was an immigrant in ITALY, last year.
Ismail Iqbal
+Sheldon Thibault fucking hell you think that is bad I will tell you what is bad when you fucks put your dick in peoples arses where the shit comes out from that why us Muslims hate gay people if you look at the porn it is all your people licking the arse
Ismail Iqbal
+A. W. We have blacks/whites/Asian that why we are getting bigger and bigger I think you better hide under bed or use the wordi am hearing a lot from people like you WE NEED TO WAKE UP why are you all fucking died zombies
Lisette Bond
+ Nazemo Ali, + Sarah IcHope is right, 2 SS division were moslem, know why, they hate jews….
Lisette Bond
+ Ismail Iqbal, you are an idiot, remember that mo was for Mufa’ Khathat… Which is putting the erected penis between the upper thigh of a baby and move until he ejaculated on them, the can do it with a baby as young as 3 days old… One other thing Bacha bāzī is a slang term in muslim country for a wide variety of activities involving sexual relations between older men and younger adolescent men, or boys…. For moslem as long as one of the male doesn’t have a beard it’s not homosexuality …

Published on Mar 24, 2017

Welcome to a week day in SHUBRA. The Muslim kids are not in school. The Muslim men are not at work.

The Muslims in general are not doing anything other than destroying Egypt and throwing firecrackers at each other. They spend their entire days running around town achieving nothing a LIFE-LONG.

This is what your Prime Minister is bringing into Canada and he is doing by the shipload. Well Canada, do you like what you see? Is this what you want on Canadian streets?

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator



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