Must Hear A Truth Soldier Speaks Out Publicly on street in Montreal

In this speech you will learn why I am under attack by government criminals and you will also discover that you and our country is also under attack.. I presently have $700 in parking tickets and will continue getting many more $53 tickets a everyday… I am not able to or permitted to park anywhere that is free.. I am told I can not sleep in my car while parked anywhere any help you can offer to my is greatly appreciated……

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Monsanto protests in Montreal

Filmed May 20th 2017 by Daniel J Towsey The Visionary Folk Photographer in Canada

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The Soldiers of Odin: Inside Canada’s Extremist Vigilante Group

VICE News investigates the Soldiers of Odin and their declared commitment to preserving Canadian values. Amid rising Islamophobia and violence in Canada, reporter Ben Makuch explores the blurry line between nationalist pride and racist rhetoric.



Soldiers of Odin splinter in Canada over ‘racist agenda’ of far-right group’s leadership in Finland

The Quebec chapter unanimously voted to dissociate from Soldiers of Odin Canada after the president called the Finnish leaders ‘racist, unorganized, reckless’ thugs Stop equalization payments to anti-pipeline politicians

Published on Jan 22, 2016

Ezra Levant continues his look at Montreal’s Liberal mayor Denis Corderre, who doesn’t want the Energy East pipeline coming through Quebec. He’s taken a lot of well-deserved heat for that opinion, and lashed out his critics. Levant’s solution is simple:
Ezra is joined by’s Lauren Southern. She’s been following the Gregory Alan Elliot “Twitter trial” since the beginning and broke the story of his “not guilty” verdict this morning. It’s a victory for free speech. Then Ezra is joined by investigative reporter James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, who has new and damning evidence against America’s Common Core school curriculum.


Canadian Situations - See

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IRONY is to think that: Our false Representative Democracy Political Party System will change if we keep voting for a new face only to guarantee, no change at all.

~ See Canadian 150 Year; Groundhog Day Elections History

To effect positive change, change the system!

Make the real change at the Canadian Peoples’ Union @
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As long as the Governments have VETO over the PEOPLE…

We VOTE ourselves into SLAVERY and POVERTY only to feed the 1%.


Representative Democracy is a False Democracy COUP. Don’t be fooled again!

If you want real CHANGE, then YOU must CHANGE the SYSTEM. Voting for politicians only reaffirms your consent!

Make the real change change at the Canadian Peoples’ Union @

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Federal Police on Montreal’s waterfront Assaulted me while in my wheelchair

The only reason they did not do me more harm is because there was a guy not far behind me that decided to start video taping the Police..The Police backed off because there was witnesses there…

Montreal Police assaulting afterwards conversation with witness.

Here is the link to the video with the witness.…

any help you can offer to my is greatly appreciated…… see more here.

A Truth Soldier Homeless In Montreal Reports

Also see https://quebecstruthsoldier.wordpress…

Please go to this link to see my testimonials I did before I became homeless in Nova Scotia and why. about tne Corruption of Canadas elections voting process…

Montreal’s march for humanity against genocides

Also see The Christian people of Yugoslavia are victims of a mass genocide done by Canada, the USA and England. Just like they did to Lybia and Iraq and WW2 Japan and Germany.

Also see

Christian Genocide by Muslims and Popes

Quebec is ripping off the country right left and center

The commentary below can be found in the comments at this article.


We are fucked, but it all started under daddy…see below Quebec is ripping off the country, right, left and center
The hydro scam,
the tuition scam,
the dairy scam,
the phony bilingual (french) government jobs/hiring scam (only outside Quebec) …
the day care scam…
the list is so long in regards to how Quebec is ripping off Canada, i don’t know where to begin.
They run Quebec (french only, bills 22, 178, 101…), they control Ottawa…they funnel money all over the place…
we will never know how much money has been funneled into Quebec since Trudeau and his gang of anti – English language, anti – BNA bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa…sadly the truth will never come out…why?
The system is now corrupt to the core, from the top down, and the bottom up, just like in Quebec.
Their “state run” Hydro company is giving a 40% subsidy for cheaper rates which in turn means the government needs more transfer payments from the rest of Canada.
And the aggravating part of it is its NO SECRET. Even prominent well respected people like Danny Williams have made light of this.
Go watch the clips of him explaining how much the French are destroying, ripping off the country…its title is –
Danny Williams “outs” Quebec (below) Wake up folks, they are the most racist, bigoted, xenophobic (bills 22, 178, 101…) not to mention, corrupt and cooked the core people in all of North America.

Forcing the French language all over the country, while banning ours…the french are the parasites of this nation, inside and outside of Quebec…Watch the Youtube clips for proof.

Enjoy the facts of where the Transfer Payments go, , the total amount of Equalization Transfers between 1957-2013: Province Amount received % of the total
Quebec $168,842 million (or $168.8B) 50.75
Manitoba $ 40,413 million (or $40.4B) 11.91
Nova Scotia $ 38,427 million (or $38.4B) 11.32
New Brunswick $ 37,753 million (or $37.8B) 11.12
Nfld. & Lab. $ 25,095 million (or $25.1B) 7.39
Ontario $ 9,949 million (or $9.95B) 2.93
PEI $ 8,101 million (or $8.10B) 2.39
Saskatchewan $ 8,138 million (or $8.14B) 2.40
B.C. $ 2,556 million (or $2.56B) .75
Alberta $ 90 million (or $0.09B) .03 TOTAL $339,364 million (or $339.36B) 99.99

A Truth Soldier

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